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Contract Law

McAlpine PLLC makes understanding rights and responsibilities under various agreements easy and quick for clients. It is always advisable to speak with a knowlegdable attorney concerning contractual obligations prior to signing them. Attorney Alston has worked with complex contractual matters prior to his legal education and continued to do so through his legal education.

Whether the client:
1) needs to understand the liability the face in an agreement and various risks it may be exposed to,
2) wants to negotiate for the best outcomes and benefits of the agreement,
3) wants assistance structuring their deal, or
4) wants contracts written, reviewed, or revised

McAlpine PLLC is the right choice for business|personal legal needs. McAlpine PLLC will make getting the answers and agreements our clients need effecient and convenient.

McAlpine PLLC can also assist you with various contracts, including, but not limited to: