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Firm Profile

Mission Statement

McAlpine PLLC was established on October 29, 2009, and is purposed to provide value-added client-focused and dedicated customer service to yield high-quality legal counseling in a variety of legal practice areas by bringing our legal practice to the client. McAlpine PLLC’s goal is to meet and/or exceed client expectations. McAlpine PLLC will serve its clients and community with leadership, integrity, and diligence. Dedication to our mission pillars will ensure McAlpine PLLC’s long-term success. McAlpine PLLC cannot guarantee the legal success on the merits for every client: however, we can assure the firm’s efforts are designed to bring about favorable results and client satisfaction with services received from McAlpine PLLC.

Mission Pillars




McAlpine PLLC will go beyond simple honesty. Our approach to client communication is candid, honest, and empathetic full disclosure of relevant issues and challenges that affect the outcome of the client's matters.

McAlpine PLLC is dedicated to serving its clients with the utmost professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to the individual's clients needs.

McAlpine PLLC and Attorney Alston will always strive to effect positive change . Whether it means leading the way in practice, example setting for law students and highschool students, or being attentive to family, leadership is McAlpine PLLC's key to success.