Numbers don’t lie. North Carolina is getting serious about becoming America’s next innovative hub for technology. Governor, Pat McCrory, has recently expressed his desire for North Carolina to be the next Silicon Valley of the Southeast.   With this in mind, North Carolina has approved almost $14 million to fund the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, which is based in Raleigh. The new funding is broken down as follows: $8.83 million for centers of innovation, technology/business development, and training/education; $2.92 million to create jobs; and $1.86 for operations.

Additionally, NC State University is running a new program, InnovateNC, which is a two-year learning experience around the state that is passionate about fostering innovation and creativity. The five cities that most recently been selected to partake in InnovateNC are Asheville, Greensboro, Pembroke, Wilmington, and Wilson. In Wilmington specifically, InnovateNC seeks to strengthen the coast city’s innovation ecosystem regarding marine and life sciences.

These numbers demonstrate that North Carolina continues to expand its funding to support innovation, creativity, and technology all over the state. The opportunities are countless for startups and businesses in North Carolina’s efforts to increase innovative technology throughout the state.

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Article written by Alexandria L. Andresen, Esq.

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