Customized Representation

McAlpine PLLC proudly serves its clients with a unique brand of legal service. We are dedicated to making sure that our clients have direct access to our attorneys and their legal needs are enthusiastically met.

McAlpine PLLC attorneys are dedicated to the concept that the grass truly is greener with an attorney that strives to maximize your business’s profit potential, risk reduction, and empowerment. McAlpine PLLC’s goal is to best understand the your need beyond their legal implications, provide exemplary service, and meet their stated goals.  McAlpine PLLC serves Charlotte businesses and creative entrepreneurs individuals as they explore new horizons and conquer new challenges. McAlpine PLLC ensures its clients get more value and spend less. McAlpine PLLC and its attorneys understand that our clients’ time and energy are of the utmost importance, and makes our clients’ life easier and schedule more manageable by offering consultations at our clients’ place of business or at our centrally located office at the North Carolina Music Factory.

No more hurrying to meetings with your attorney, fighting traffic, or disrupting your busy schedule.  McAlpine PLLC attorneys will be directly available to you via our secure client portal. We add value to our clients’ representations by making sure our attorney(s) is directly available to the client, providing updates on legal issues relevant to our clients in our client newsletter, and providing quick and easy access to client documents. We actively seek out their input, communicate on a regular basis, and take our clients’ feedback seriously. We bring cost effective quality legal service to our clients.  Our clients’ success is our primary goal.  Through our client-focused approach, McAlpine PLLC makes receiving competent and thorough attention to our clients’ legal matters convenient.

Legal & Business Solutions

McAlpine PLLC is the solution to its clients’ business and personal legal needs. We personalize on-site legal service and provide instant 24hrs access to client documents. *Access your legal documents and check updates on the progress of your matter from any computer worldwide through our client log-in.

McAlpine PLLC’s attorneys’ focus is its clients, and we customize services to meet the individual client’s needs and expectations. Our attorneys work to efficiently resolve their clients’ business and personal legal needs. We find the efficient and client oriented solutions to client questions. McAlpine PLLC attorneys will attend to our clients’ individual and business legal needs responsively and diligently. Our clients aren’t merely cases or files. They are McAlpine PLLC’s reputation for excellence and quality legal service being built one successful representation at a time. Helping guide our business clients to greater success, and our clients with individual needs to peace of mind is our mission. McAlpine PLLC attorneys strive to add value to the attorney-client relationship by personalizing it to our client’s needs, tastes, and goals. We pride ourselves on showing our clients how much better a client satisfaction and oriented practice can be.

McAlpine PLLC Advantages
  1. Personable client service – McAlpine PLLC is primarily concerned with the success of our clients’ businesses and the prompt resolution of our clients’ legal needs.
  2. Convenient – Meetings are held at our client’s offices for their convenience or at our office at the North Carolina Music Factory.
  3. Responsiveness – McAlpine PLLC attorneys believes in client-focused relationships and will make every effort to promptly respond to client requests.
  4. 24 Hours access – access your legal documents 24 hours a day and from anywhere by logging into your client account. SECURE CLIENT LOGIN and requesting a secure client login
  5. Committed to the result the client wants – McAlpine PLLC attorneys will advise on what is best for our clients’ particular circumstances, and we understand that ultimately the client controls the outcome. We are committed to listening to what the client wants and understanding what the client needs.


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"I contacted Attorney Alston and he replied to set up a meeting. He first listened to what I wanted to do. Gave his professional insight and legal knowledge and suggestions. Once he understood my budget and schedule traveling in and out of town with my current job, he was very flexible with both. His main statement to me was, ‘[I]f you are serious, and I really believe you are, then I will do all I can to assist you in getting your businesses set up right’."
"I found Mr. Alston via the web, recommended as a top entertainment lawyer. The recommendation was correct."
"I was recommended by a business associate to Mac Alston. From the time we first spoke, I could tell that he really cared about me as an artist and my best interest. He was excellent at setting realistic expectations with me and delivering on them."