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McAlpine PLLC proudly serves its clients with a unique brand of legal service. We are dedicated to making sure that our clients have direct access to our attorneys and their legal needs are enthusiastically met.  McAlpine PLLC attorneys are dedicated to the concept that the grass truly is greener with an attorney that strives to maximize your business’s profit potential, risk reduction, and empowerment.

Legal & Business Solutions

McAlpine PLLC is the solution to its clients’ business and personal legal needs. We personalize on-site legal service and provide instant 24hrs access to client documents. McAlpine PLLC’s focus is achieiving client goals through employing practical, efficient, client focused and customized solutions to client challenges to lead them to success. Our clients aren’t merely cases or files. Our clients are McAlpine PLLC’s reputation for excellence and quality legal service being built one successful representation at a time.

McAlpine PLLC Advantages
  1. Personable client service
  2. Convenient
  3. Responsiveness
  4. 24 Hours access – access your legal documents 24 hours a day and from anywhere
  5. Commitment to the result the client wants


When should I retain counsel?
Do I have to pay a large retainer to get quality and competent legal service?
Where should I incorporate?
My project needs capital, and I want to raise it the right way - what should I do?
I think I have a lawsuit, can you help?


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Experience the difference knowledgeable, customized, and responsive legal service makes for your business and growth.

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"I contacted Attorney Alston and he replied to set up a meeting. He first listened to what I wanted to do. Gave his professional insight and legal knowledge and suggestions. Once he understood my budget and schedule traveling in and out of town with my current job, he was very flexible with both. His main statement to me was, ‘[I]f you are serious, and I really believe you are, then I will do all I can to assist you in getting your businesses set up right’."
"Alexandria Andresen recently consulted with me on a financial contract matter. Not only was she prompt, professional and thorough, but her positive attitude and friendly demeanor made a difficult process so much less stressful. I cannot speak highly enough of the legal services of Alexandria Andresen."
"I found Mr. Alston via the web, recommended as a top entertainment lawyer. The recommendation was correct."
"I had the pleasure of consulting with Alexandria this fall and I recommend her as a lawyer because she is dedicated and enthusiastic. Immediately I could tell she was not only passionate about the issues at hand, but has a unique love and appreciation for the law in general. Her character and moral fiber are true to the core and I could not recommend a more devoted and passionate lawyer to get the job done. Not to mention she worked tirelessly and was always prompt."
"I was recommended by a business associate to Mac Alston. From the time we first spoke, I could tell that he really cared about me as an artist and my best interest. He was excellent at setting realistic expectations with me and delivering on them."
"I consulted with Alexandria regarding my business. I would highly recommend her as an attorney because she is diligent and dedicated in all that she does. Her attention to detail is stellar. She would be a great resource for anyone with legal needs."